Sparrow & Co. is a not-for-profit organization that was created to serve the local community by giving away our profits and our love. Our mission as a not-for-profit cafe is to strategically direct our profits, obtained by serving high quality foods and ethically sourced speciality coffee, to serve the needs of our community.

How do we bring this vision to life?

By being a Social Enterprise: We believe that a high quality and ethically run business has the opportunity to provide sustainable income to support this mission rather than relying on donations and government funding.

By community support: People in the community can be involved in addressing poverty and social issues in their own neighbourhood by purchasing every day items, such as fresh produce from Sparrow Gardens or simply by enjoying a delicious coffee, brunch, or any other menu item from our cafe.

Sparrow and Co. is about stepping into the culture. To serve and love the community of East York Toronto and operate a business that moves people from poverty to purpose and brings hope. We believe there’s a better way - one that is far bigger and greater than our own.

Would you partner with us on this journey?